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About Me

I'm a long-time streamer (since 2008) known for playing a variety of games, having a chill and respectful atmosphere, and a methodical & insightful approach to the games I play. My streams feature lots of discussion on game systems and game dev overall.

I've been playing games of all sorts for well over 30 years, starting with the Commodore 64 and Vic-20. Combined with over 10 years of experience in the game industry, I tend to have insights that other streamers might not have & I tend to not be so harshly critical of games.

Let's play and talk about games - and not sweat the small stuff.

What Games Do I Play?

Primarily retro action games - rogue-lites, shmups, metroidvanias, etc. Lots of indies in particular. I had a long stint with the Dark Souls games, too! I've played over 200 games on steam in the past 10 years.

Here's a list (also, here's my VOD Archive!)

Why the Capybara Mascot?

I wanted a theme to best represent the spirit of the channel - a chill place to hang out where everyone can get along. While all content creators have their ups and downs, the Capybara ideal is the pillar I always return to in order to stay grounded.

Our Community

We're here to enjoy good conversation, play some games, and maybe overanalyze things a little. It's the sort of place where people can come home from work or school and relax - maybe even escape for a while. We're not really centered around loudness, hype, events, or even competitive play.

It's meant to be relatively cool and casual. People can get their ASMR fix, listen as they work or even get some chill time before bed.

My Original Claim to Fame

I was big into the Dark Souls PvP community back in the day, creating one of the most notorious invasion builds of all time for the first game, and then being the most impressive spellcaster invader in DS2. I owe about 11k Twitch follows to that.

I think what put me on the radar was my methodical approach - rather than being as fast, mechanically skilled, or hype as other streamers, I'm good at picking apart game systems and achieving success through how well I can apply that understanding to the games I play.

Check out some of my tools/apps, guides, & fun stuff:

Elden Ring Casting Tool Comparator

Enter in your desired stats and compare how each Staff and Seal performs relative to each other. Check out the Spell Comparator for a more in-depth comparison of spell performance for your chosen build.

Elden Ring Spell Comparator

Enter in your desired stats, select casting tools, and compare how each Sorcery and Incantation performs relative to specified Defense and Negation values.

Elden Ring Armor Optimizer

Find the best armor based on desired weight, poise, and negation/resistances. Includes controls to specify/exclude armor for who want to mix fashion and optimized armor.

Elden Ring Rune Level Calculator

Find out the level of the player who died based on how many runes you received. Useful for invaders, hosts, hunters, and cooperators.

Elden Ring Invasion Weapon/Rune Level Ranges

A reference for which Rune Level and Weapon Level players may be at based on area difficulty, rune income, and Smithing Stone/bell Bearing locations.

Dark Souls PvP Bingo

Randomized challenges in Bingo card format. Compete alone or share the seed to play the same card with friends. Designed for streamers - even includes a streamer-friendly overlay to track progress. I've also created versions of this app for Dark Souls 3 and For Honor

Dark Souls 3 Dishonor Duels

A fight club / dueling event with a more relaxed moveset, more diverse arenas, and a King-of-the-Hill format that encouraged cutthroat gameplay and longer-term strategy.

Welfare Souls, a Dark Souls 2 Challenge Run

A specialized challenge run originally made for Dark Souls 2 - somewhat a more robust version of a "use what you see" style playthrough. I've also made rulesets for Dark Souls 3 and Demon's Souls

Street Fighter 6 Quick Reference

A simple view of each character's Command List that can fit all moves on a single screen. Designed for new players and people learning new characters. Supports desktop & mobile browsers.

The Catacombs Conundrum (Mario Maker 2)

One of a few Mario Maker 2 levels I've made (my maker code is 26P-2HB-FSF). This one is somewhat of a Metroidvania and even includes a save system. A QR code visible on the level preview links to this page.

Twitch Moderator Guidelines

One of the most comprehensive sets of guidelines to help moderate a Twitch stream with clear and understandable rules. Free for other streamers to copy/modify.

Chat Bot Features

My chat bot (JerpBot) includes a host of features from playing sounds, automatically shouting out streamer friends, Game Developers, and Publishers/Press, poll and queue features, and more!

See here for a comprehensive list.

Stream Rules

My stream's pretty chill - so long as you're civil and respectful, you'll be fine. Here's a full list of rules to follow.

I'm relatively strict when it comes to Spoilers, both gameplay and story/lore, so be careful about telling me what to do or what's next.

System Specs

Want to know a bit more about the types of hardware I use to play games or even just to stream?

Here's a comprehensive list of what I use.

It includes everything from audio gear such as microphones, to each computer's specs, etc.