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Streaming Gear & System Specs

Here's a list of the PC specs, audio hardware, consoles & portable devices, etc. used on the stream. Just a heads up; the vast majority of these include referral links - so if you purchase anything here, you're directly helping me make content.

Gaming Rig

This is the main rig I use for PC gaming, site/overlay/application development, video editing, etc.

Streaming Rig

Whether I'm playing on PC or Consoles, most of my streaming happens here. Two-PC streaming makes PC gaming a cinch, and I've got all of the requisite cards, adapters, cables, and splitters to make streaming consoles a breeze.

Audio Hardware

Stuff I use to make my content sound great & be easier to edit.

Consoles & Portables

While not everything survived throughout the years, I've amassed a decent collection of consoles, portables, etc.