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Rules Breakdown

These are the basic rules for the channel. Please at least glance the titles, and read the subtext if you need more information. Generally, if you don't quite understand the rules, it may be better to just stay silent. There's no harm in watching.

Don't worry about it too much. The mods, for the MOST part are more likely to time you out rather than flat-out ban you... usually.

I also have a detailed set of Moderator Guidelines, which explicitly lays out what rules to follow and how moderation will be handled.

A word about Backseat Gaming

Viewers love to see a unique approach. It may be novel and interesting, or a hilarious stumble through something obvious - there's always some part of it that is intensely appealing.

For me, I love the discovery process. The eureka (or facepalm) moment is intensely rewarding. Each success is the satisfying culmination of the effort of ingenuity, where the failures teach you a hard lesson in a way that only mistakes and oversights can.

Shouting out the answer or pointing something out completely ruins that. Even a simple hint or guess (whether you've played the game or not) can immediately extinguish a great moment and set a bad tone for the rest of the game.

This includes open speculation and rhetorical questions. If I genuinely want help with something, I'll make it painfully obvious.

Spoiler Policy

A great story is something you can only experience for the first time once. Please don't ruin that. If I can't be surprised, amazed, frightened, disappointed, curious, etc. about each new event or plot twist, then the stream will be pretty dull for everyone.

Be Respectful

This is meant to be a welcome place for everyone to hang out and enjoy the show. Racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. (generally being intolerant of other people) is not allowed.

If you dislike or are upset with someone else, don't plaster it chat. This isn't the place to vent your animus or push vendettas. All of us would rather just chill out and have fun rather than deal with that hostility.

Controversial Topics

There are some topics that are so divisive that they can disrupt the stream. Especially concerning politics, those discussions risk organizing people into often-incompatible groups which can then break down into hostility, especially when people can’t come to an agreement or at least accept that they have irreconcilable differences.

While I want to allow for people to learn about and digest topics and recent events (and especially have some catharsis in darker times), I think the best place for these types of discussion is either at the beginning or end of each stream, or especially in dedicated channels on our Discord server.

Also, if there's a topic that the mods or I don't feel is appropriate to discuss (either at the time, or at all), don't push it. There's usually a very good reason why it isn't the time or place for that topic.

Hacks & Cheats

Players invest a lot of time to learn skillful and novel play. Let's not break the game to spite that effort. This is especially important in multiplayer, as it ruins the experience for a ton of players. Please do not share or otherwise promote methods or tools for hacking or cheating in games.


Please be be careful about what links you post. Generally most links are fine, but please avoid longer or suspicious URLs or links to disturbing or malicious content. Self-promotion is also generally forbidden without permission from myself or the mods.

Key Resellers

Promotion and mentioning use of key reseller sites such as G2A and Kinguin is not allowed. These sites often sell keys obtained through unsavory means at best, and outright theft and exploitation of developers at worst.

Who's Moderating?

Typically the mods can handle things and I let them do their thing - but they're still human. If they're busy, miss something, or aren't able to be present, I may have to step in to get things under control. In that case, I tend to be much more heavy-handed than my mods. Please don't push things, as I'm much more likely to ban quickly and indiscriminately than my mods.

Regarding the mods themselves, keep in mind that I appoint them by hand as the need arises, and I've chosen to trust them with their decisions. Don't argue with a mod or try to pit them against each other or myself.

Common Sense

Try to remember that what has been defined here is effectively the spirit of how the channel will be moderated. Being offensive or otherwise disruptive will usually cause you to be timed out or banned even if it's not explicitly forbidden here.

Your Rights vs. These Rules

While there may be some entitlement as to what you can say and what restrictions can be placed on the channel, keep in mind that this is a private space. We're free to cater the channel to our preferences. If this is something that you find unacceptable, there are other places where you can go that may be more to your liking. You may believe that it's harmful to the channel, but the majority of the people who continue to watch are able to enjoy the benefits of the few rules we have to set.