Elden Ring Resources

Just some helpful links for players looking for quality Elden Ring tools & information.

Jerp's Tools

Armor Optimizer

Find the best armor based on desired weight, poise, and negation/resistances.

Spell Tool Comparator

Enter in your desired stats and compare how each Staff and Seal performs relative to each other.

Spell Comparator

Enter in your desired stats, select casting tools, and compare how each Sorcery and Incantation performs relative to specified Defense and Negation values.

Rune Level Calculator

Find out the level of the player who died based on how many runes you received.

Other Helpful Tools

Elden Ring Map

Search for items, spells, Sites of Grace, etc. using this map. Include search/filter functionality.

Starting Class Optimizer

Enter in your desired stats to find out which class is the most optimal choice..

Build Planner

Plan out your next character by entering your stats, selecting armaments, armor, and spells.

TarnishedSpreadsheet's Calculators

Spreadsheets to calculate AR and Scaling for weapons based on stats/upgrade level - plus some other tools.

Useful Info & Guides

All NPC Interactions

A list of all NPC interactions, chronologically, by location.

Rune Level and Weapon Level Matchmaking Information

Tables of matchmaking information to make it easier to figure out where to park your character/armaments to match against players.

Misc Resources

All Item, Spell, etc. Icons

Full-resolution images extracted directly from Elden Ring, thanks to SkeleMann.